Trusting the professionals
Supportive people.
Went the NIH (National Institute of Health) and contacting Dr. Townsley and Dr. Young - ATG Horse, High Dose Cyclosporine and Eltrombopag (Complete Responder)
Atg And tacrolimus
Very Severe Aplastic Anemia
set goals for the future
Stem cell transplantation
Very positive attitude
My friends and family
Time off from work
The use of Promacta and Cyclosporine to raise my levels
Positive thinking and focusing on all the things you want to do in the future.
Support of family, friends and nursing staff at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.
Acredita na minha cura
5 days of atg and 6 months of liquid cyclosporine
Love and support of my family
Very severe aplastic anemia
Bone Marrow Transplant at UAB Hospital in Birmingham Alabama
ATG-h with cyclosporine
Treated at NIH
Finding something to stop idle time where I worried about my health. (Love interest was my source of help)
Immune supression drugs
My family and my friends
Blood transfusions!!!
ATG treatment + ciclosporine
Emu oil capsules and emu oil & aloe vera 'lotion' (homemade) have controlled my joint pain to where I do not use narcotics anymore for pain. The lotion also helped rid me of the scleroderma in tender areas that myofascial massage couldn't breakdown.
meus filhos
Blood transfusion!
Bone Marrow Transplant, 2-10-2016
Two bone marrow transplants and a stem cell boost.
I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia with PNH in 2007
My oldest daughter, Cady. My Hero!
atg horse 2005
Transplant in 2014.
Staying positive
My brother was my donor.
My daughter was diagnosed with SAA in 02/2012 at the age of 14
I was diagnosed by the most amazing Aplastic pioneer professor Gordon Smith
The amazing medical staff of NIH to include Olga the wrold's best nurse!!!
Transfusiones de sangre
5 Rounds of ATG, 1 of Campath, Now trying Sirolimus
Medicul a fost foarte perseverent!
Complete trust in my medical teams.
Started treatment
My awesome Docs
My hospital-OSU James Cancer Hospital