My Christian faith that gives me hope where there is no medical hope
A very good pain management provider
High doses of baclofen help with severe spasms
My precious husband ..Mark
Distracting myself from the pain
Pacing myself, by picking 1-3 simple things to do a day.
To keep the pain as low as possible
Diet anti-inflammatory, vitamins that are Pure certified Turmeric, Vit-D W/magnesium, hgh, fish oil plus + more
Keeping a positive attitude
After 2 brain surgeries, my severe headaches/migraines aren’t as frequent. I still have daily headaches but the daily severe headaches/migraines are less frequent.
Lieve miglioramento con neurostimolatore
Still a work in progress.
To stretch everyday
To stretch everyday
Changing from opioids to CBS oils and capsules
Very supportive husband
My family is very supportive
Valium for muscle spasms
Laying down
Alpha lipoic acid
keep moving even though it hurts
Cranial massage for Spinal Fluid Release is Amazing, Sleeping in a recliner sadly But' helps with bone pain & shocks. I sleep 90% better in a a cheap non comfy recliner for pain Vs 1 hour in a bed equalled hours of bone pain
Cranial Sacral Therapy
Keeping an alkaline diet
SCS January 15, 2019
My kids needing me
My kids needing me
Support Groups of Arachnoiditis. Met friends for life there. Don't know hiwcI wouldvhave coped without these amazing warriors!
Fentynl patches
more pain
I couldn't live without pain medication
Pain medicine
Walking, keeping moving helps the stiffness
Pain Meds Dont wait tell pain is to high & Cbd's oil.
anti-inflammatories, NSAIDS and oral steriods (NOT epidural steriods).
Making myself walk every day
Still getting reprogrammed for relief