My Christian faith that gives me hope where there is no medical hope
Reiki massages
CBD lots of vitamins
A very good pain management provider
High doses of baclofen help with severe spasms
My precious husband ..Mark
Distracting myself from the pain
Pacing myself, by picking 1-3 simple things to do a day.
To keep the pain as low as possible
No invasive procedure especially no scs unit.
Diet anti-inflammatory, vitamins that are Pure certified Turmeric, Vit-D W/magnesium, hgh, fish oil plus + more
Keeping a positive attitude
After 2 brain surgeries, my severe headaches/migraines aren’t as frequent. I still have daily headaches but the daily severe headaches/migraines are less frequent.
Lieve miglioramento con neurostimolatore
Still a work in progress.
To stretch everyday
To stretch everyday
Low Dose Naltrexone
Having the spinal stimulator has helped tremendously
Holding onto HOPE carries me through tough seasons.
Understanding and supportive family
Supportive friends and family
Pain medication
Gabapentin got me on my feet
2 Lidocaine infusions. These reduced my pain significantly
Nothing has helped yet
Dr Forrest Tennant, ArachnoiditisHopeFoundation, knows this disease well and will help all they can.
Infrared heating pad, I got a wireless one I can wear everywhere.
Tarlov Cyst Survivor
Zohydro ER
Finding the right type of doctor - Physiatrist - who really listens to you and prescribes the correct medication.
Having a scs implanted to help with the sciatic pain
Handbook to Live Well with Adhesive Arachnoiditis
My family is extremely supportive and fighting with me.
Support from others with similar issues
Vitamin D
Opioid pain medication
Steroids (Prednisone)
Cymbalta for my lower leg pain
Lose weight
Physical Therapy has made it worse!
Still searching.
Trying to get outdoors, when/if possible
Spinal cord stimulation implant