Playing with friends to get exercise
Coming to terms with myself
teraphy helps a lot!
ser constante y decidido
I don't think there has been or will be anything that I could do different can I get better
Can't wasn't a word in my vocabulary; try, try again!
Always seek a second medical assessment
Have faith and hope!
Apoyo familiar
My powerchair
Physical Therapy and occupational therapy
Bowen Therapy
A minha mãe que sepre lutou para que pudesse ter uma vida normal
Atenderme en hospital Shiners y las ciruginas para corregir mis pies y manos
Faith - maintaining a healthy spiritual life has given me something to live for and hope in my darkest times.
I never give up and try anything
Cannabis infused lotion works wonders for pain relief
Not focusing on my physical difference in comparison to other people
The support of my family and friends.
The support of my family
von Anfang an, genau zu wissen, was ich habe
I'm a young AMC girl looking for other contacts
My mother's understanding and support throughout my life.
I had spine surgery for scolios.
Ice cream makes me happy
Purpose in my life
My family
keep moving!
apoyo familiar y de los amigos
I love my mother. & I have to thank her for keeping me before she passed away
My mom always on my side, pushing me to try harder!
never give up
Early intervention through numerous therapies.
Ser proactivo hacer deporte
Family & Friends
Toda a minha família me apoiou
terapia fisica para mejorar la fuerza de mis 4 extremidades afectadas
Exercise - increases endorphins which are out natural feel good hormones. They are great pain relief, increase gastric emptying and get me out of the house. Find what works for you!
When I was a baby, I couldn't walk but crawl.. However today I can run 5ks due to all surgeries I had
Standing up for myself more
Be as independent as I possibly can
The constant care of my Mamma and Daddy.
My mum that always fights with me
meine Mutter, die immer bereit war, mir eine glückliche Kindheit zu ermöglichen, trotz vieler Krankenhausaufenthalte, mit Operatiinen
YOU are a BLESSING to the WORLD!
The pursuit of the freedom to live life my own way and pursue my passions.
I become vegan.