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Keep your smile and a sense of humor

Feb 3, 2016

By: Ron

Hello my name is Ron I am 51 years old. I have had 49 operations the last one 6 months ago and I love life. I was never supposed to walk run or go to school much less be able to put a sentence together. When I was born I was breech I had half a skull my clavicles were not developed my feet were bent up to my knees my hands were ben ten in the doctor said I would die. This was back in 1964, I am grateful that I wasn't born earlier because the technology was still there even though it was crude it got me on my feet. I graduated high school in 1983 and have enjoyed my life I have had great jobs working with the disabled and enjoy it very much now I own my own motorcycle detailing business and I travel to motorcycle rallies and detail bikes for competitions and shows. I have also had some put into Harley Davidson magazines after they won their competition. My parents never once told me I couldn't do anything they always encouraged me and told me to keep trying even if I fail at something at least I tried. After high school I hitchhiked across the United States from Lewiston Idaho to Providence Rhode Island with semi truck drivers & Greyhound buses I went to college back on the East Coast and after that I came home. I have lived in five or six different states and have traveled and then able to see a lot of the country. I ride a motorcycle now it's a 1704 year Yamaha it's a lot of fun and I refuse to be sitting on the sidelines afraid of everything that could happen to me and forget to live. I grew up thinking that I was all alone and that no one else had what I have until 2 years ago and I found this site and others and I can't hardly believe that I've never seen anyone with this. I would love to talk with anyone with arthrogryposis I would love to help children cope with the surgeries and the anesthesia and how to breathe when you come out of surgery just to be able to be there for someone else it was really difficult growing up in school being bullied all the time but I did have my friends and family I really hope that I can hear from any of you it would make my day thank you so much for reading my post and I look forward to hearing from any of you and all of you.

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