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Living with Ataxia

Jan 26, 2016

By: Aiskrim

I started to develop ataxia symptoms when I was 19. It was first diagnosed as hypokaelemia due to low level of potassium in my blood. I was given oral Slow K tablet to increase the potassium level, but it doesn't help much. Even with the medication, I was still having recurrent attacks of ataxia. Since then, I've been going to different hospitals with no definite answers from the doctors. I was referred to many different medical department, such as endocrine, orthopedic, neurologist, and even psychiatry. For about five years, I didn't know what happen to my body, and yet the onset of ataxia symptoms still occur from time to time. I feel so depressed, so helpless that I cried so much everytime I got sick. And came 2014, when I was admitted to a private hospital, I was reffered to a neurologist and he was the one who discovered that I have Cerebellar Ataxia, because he has had another patient with similar symptoms like mine. I was treated with Acetazolamide and with the help of physiotherapy, I recover quite fast from the symptoms. The attacks still came to me from time to time, but I was treated well with the help of medication and physiotherapy. Ataxia disease is very rare in Malaysia and during my 8 years living with this illness, I have never found any other ataxia patient in Malaysia. I feel so alone, I don't know anything about this illness and I got no reference in Malaysia which can be relate with Ataxia illness. therefore, with this disease map I really hope that I could find another similar patients in Malaysia, so that we could share our stories, experiences, ups and downs in living with Ataxia. Thank you.

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