Keep moving even when it's hard to do
Never give up
Rest, rest and more rest
be busy
Friends n family
My parents and friends sticking with me through my lifes challenges.
Swimming one mile a day, four to six days a week, over two years
Get up
Ankle braces and AFO'S
I've got a Baklofen-pump inoperated
physical therapy
Keep Moving
I have the most supportive family.
I'm gonna live
Never give up
alimentarme bien
Placed on clozapine for involuntary movements and donepezil for cognitive issues
Friends that check in with me.
Going to the gym
finding a doctor who's willing to help
I have good support
having my mom they're supporting me both physically and researching for me
having my mom they're supporting me both physically and researching for me
Physical Therapy
Smoking marijuana helps my spasms
Do not worry what other's think! If something makes you feel it!!!
Keep active
Ability to drive until age 77
Exercise what you can, while you can.
Training with a personnel trainer to improve strength in legs.
sharing with friends helps
NAC has reduced nystagmus and tremors.
My mom never giving up
Regular exercise
family and friends
Accepting my new life with SCA2 and GD
Joining a gym (cycling & some machines).
Weekly physical therapy and therapeutic swimming
q10 300mg soft gels per day plus thiamine 100mg per day
I ride a bicycle it helps with muscle memory
My wonderful husband who also has chronic pain, so he always "gets it".
Balance courses and Tai Chi
Baclofen helped loosen my limbs, which felt like tree trunks.
I'm a good listener & motivator. I like to be optimistic.
adequate sleep