Coming Out Gay
Beeing creative. Write, sew, draw, craft things. Figure out new solutions and coopingstrategies for my daily life.
Mum caring so much
Tried a plant based diet
finding a group of friends who are on the autism spectrum.
Ficar em casa com meus Gatos
Mental Behavioral Congitive Therapy
Botox, trigger point injections, pain medications muscle relaxers and massage
Ejemplo: Convivir mucho más tiempo con ella
AIP Paleo lifestyle.
Behcet's support groups on Facebook
Seguir los pasos de Dios
My familys support
Music Music Music
Siempre apoyaré a mis hijos y los amaré más que a mi misma.
Accepting who I am.
Zofran helps on occasion, especially IV
Accepting neurodiversity
Valdoxan [Agomelatine]; immeasurably aids my sleep quality as well as treating anxiety & depression. Both of which have sleep issues at their core as well.
Surgery helps with Ehlers Danlos and is worth it in my opinion
My emotional support cat is what gets me out of bed in the morning
Physical therapy
Setting alarms to remind me to take insulin has saved me so many high blood sugars.
my mom who is very supportive and looks for long term solutions to issues
Botox treatments for migraines
I'm a very creative girl who loves music and art.
Being Assulted And Not Let Anyone Take Me Down
Friends, family, social network. Reading, seeing and hearing other peoples views, stories and solutions. Getting other peoples input. Watching movies and reading books to get new experiences about EQ.
I pad
Kept myself busy with school and extra curricula
my mum's encouragement
joining AANE organization to find people on the spectrum.
Estudar lendo livros sobre meus hiperfocos (educação especial, divulgação científica, moda)
60% madre al lado mío
Therapy EDMR treatment
Darle omegas para que duerma mejor y esté más tranquila
Using Young Living Essential Oils to treat pain and symptoms instead of a ton more pharmaceuticals.
Educating myself about Behcet's