Being as physical as my body allows aids in keeping my mental outlook positive.
Meine Ehefrau und meine Chihuahuas helfen mir das ich mich besser fühle!
Staying active
Doing things now & not leaving it til later
I hate it
Sharing my story on the My Becker's Story blog
La familia
Having an understanding wife and some really good friend, goes a long way.
Stopping when start to get tired not when over tired.
Not giving in
I hate it
Connecting with others
Полное обследование
Eating a lower carb Mediterranean style diet aids in keeping body fat down.
Drinking lots and eating healthy
Encouraging my son to fulfill his dreams
I hate it
Take it one day at a time
Возможность учавствовать в улучшении жизни ребенка
Mantenerme activo