Support from loved ones
My mom who is my biggest fan
Mommy and daddy by her side.
My family always supports me
Be Here Now
Got Transplant Ocotber 2015
My supportive family
Live for the moment. Don't let it stop you doing anything you dream of.
We can help families in our region to talk about the disease and the outcome, we are fluent in spanish and english
Making people smile
Having the Ronald Mcdonald house.
My son.
El trasplante de mi hija marco mi vida cicatrices por dentro y fuera
5 months old
Following a strict medicine/vitamin protocol has been a priority.
Diagnosed Jan 2013
Watching my son fight for his life gives me strength
My daughter was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia at 7 weeks old
I will never give up on my kids. They always come 1st
Acreditar sempre em Deus
Always think positively and look at the bright side
Always staying strong, but allowing myself to break down too as long as i get back up
Fellow BA fighters
The wonderful community!
The amazing nurses and doctors.
I have really good doctors
Probiotics and Effective Microorganisms
My mom is my caretaker and the best at it.
Podemos hablar con familias de nuestra region para platicar de la enfermedad y sus posibilidades, hablamos inglés y español
My family
Being in a kids hospital around other kids going thru the same thing
Diagnosed at ten weeks
Eating right
Siempre estuve al lado de mi hija para darle fuerzas y mis otros dos hijos a mi lado para ayudarme
Kasai at 6 weeks
Finding and keeping great Dr's who care, and seeing them regularly.
Kasai on Jan 31. 2012
My family standing behind us is what keeps us going
She first had a Kasai that failed and received a liver transplant in Sept 2015.
That I have 3 beautiful girls and 2 grandsons
06 meses de leite pregomin
Always Be grateful of what we have
Never letting the disease control my life
My family
My drive to keep going!
The medication and medical formula I take daily.
My parents don’t treat me any differently