More awareness is making things happen
support from my family
Staying Positive......choosing to see the glass half full rather then half empty.
By NOT freaking out over the diagnosis. I did a bit at 1st, but my brother who does not have BHD, does have unstable diabeties ( he was always athletic, never a pound over weight got this when he was about 28, and has had a truly awful time with this. No
a proper diagnosis
learning more about the disease to understand the stats involved in the different symptoms
!st Collapsed lung happened Oct 1985, another April 1986, with surgery; another surgery Jul 1986; 4th surgery Oct 1986; followed by a c-section Feb 1987. Without the surgeon in Utah at that time, I wouldn't have survived. We were living in Las Vegas at th
Better drugs are being discovered
being diagnosed now allows for proper screening that gives me hope
Finding Support. There is comfort in knowing your not alone. sometimes no matter how bad our situation you may find others dealing with the same condition but worse circumstances than you. Than comes a moment of thankfulness.....
I need to be strong for my kids
A good dr.
Good diet and exercise
understanding the BHD tends to cluster with groups showing lung & skin symptoms or kidney & skin but not both
No doubt having the lower right lobe being removed and sections of left also; I wasn't diagnosed w/BHD until 2013 & lung doc at that time confirmed thur blood test.
Knowing i am not alone and there are others like me
my faith in God
Inform yourself...Knowledge is everything. Be aware of your limitations and live your life to th full with what you have. Not with what you dont. Best sources of information for bhd are and
I truly believe there are way worse things to have !!!
More prayer
Having good medical professionals follow me
going through it with siblings...having a great genetic counselor
several other family members have been diagnosed include 2 sisters; 2 daughters; about 9+ cousins. I'm now on oxygen. 2 cousins had kidney cancer and several also have had lung collapse. Still learning about BHD