Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Information about prognosis and side effects.
I never felt terrible physically except during treatments. Mentally allowing myself to heal from treatments was HUGE
Bladder removed
Bladder Removal and Neo Bladder Reconstruction
A Urostomy saved my life
Early Diagnosis
My daughter
exercise, healthy diet, stopped drinking from cans
Essen enzymreicher Nahrung, bei bestehender Metallintoxikation kombinieren mit Bindemitteln
My family and friends that support me.
Eating as clean as possible.
Fight Bladder Cancer
Fight Bladder Cancer
Family support
Just because you have cancer, does not mean the end of life
A wonderful Family Doctor
family support
The love and healing of God.
My husband, my kids and the prayers given me by others.
My stoma nurse
Going to the Gym, Cycling, Keeping Fit
Excellent staff team
Always have a positive atttude
A Fantastic Specialist Urologist who had my complete trust
tried not to stress