havingsupport from family
Keeping an attitude of gratitude has been helpful. Some day's it is hard to find one thing that brings me joy. I was told in the beginning of my treatment that my attitude with help and staying positive is key to healing!
My son who challenges me every minute of every day.
Great doctors
Talking to cancer survivers
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Support from family member who really understood this disease
Lots of support from family and friends
Support from MacMillan Cancer Care
Supportive family
Fe en Dios
Bi-weekly counselling
Adderall RX
Joining support groups and knowing your not alone
My husband and kids never looked at me different.
adequate sleep
Having unconditional love and support from my spouse.
Prayer.Eating clean organic as much as possible, going dairy free
Consult 3 oncologists for treatment opinions
Started Lyrica after 3 years of neurontin
Seeing this health challenge as an opportunity to change and educate.
telling the truth on bad days
When I was first diagnosed I was overwhelmed with information. Having someone else with me at all my appointments was helpful.
My husband that is constantly cracking jokes to pull me outta dumps.
North Shore/ LIJ at Manhasset , NY
Having surgery over
Essen enzymreicher Nahrung, bei bestehender Metallintoxikation kombinieren mit Bindemitteln
Having hope that as I got further away from HIPEC I would survive
My mother strength got me thru since she also had breast cancer.
A very thorough medical team
Learning the actual damage that Floriquiones have done to us. This allowed me to find methods that help to reduce symptoms.
Apoyo de mi esposo y familia
Supportive family, friends, and doctors
Stress reduction
Supportive family members
This makes me who I am!
clean eating
Meals cooked and delivered from friends​ and family
See a palliative specialist for pain management.
Doing my own research
My brother died during my battle of renal failure.
Understanding that medicine is an art and there are nuances to treatment.
contención familiar
good meals but what you fancy on that meal time
For me prayers help and don't be afraid to ask for help from others.