staying active: tennis, jogging, swimming & weight lifting
Portable seat vibrator/heater.
Saline via respireonics nebulisor
Prophylactic antibiotics
Accepting what i cant change
My mother's example with coping: supper always, Toffees and chocolates in reserve
Sending Sputum to be checked regularly for Infection
Follow schedule of inhalers and nebulizer
proper diagnosis
Anoro Elipta
Support of my husband
Being diagnosed after years of being ill and not knowing why
Learning to take things at a slower pace.
Exercising consistently and staying active.
2x daily breathing treatments
I recently had a lobectemy/lingeluctomy
twice daily inhaler of Colomycin antibiotic
Faith in God and daily prayer helps me.
Exercise / Staying Fit
30 mins of Cardio weekly
Medication regime of inhalers / tablets and Nebulised daily antibiotics Tobramycin and Colomycin alternate months
Cardio and strength 5x week--- Crossfit
Finding others like me to converse with and have support with
I have been on oxygen for 3 years now although it helps it is like a ball and chain around your neck
getting a diagnosis
Postural drainage with nebulised saline
Colimycin inhaled
Hypertonic saline
My husband of 31 years and granddaughter.
Having carers to help me of the council
Monthly xolair injections
Every other month on prednisone and doxycycline
Breathing exercises and nebs
I use antihistamines to keep my sinuses dry and infection free as my GP says infections of the sinus drip down and infect the throat and then the lungs.
Walking everyday. Excercising my lungs.
A comprehensive treatment plan with permanent nebulised antibiotics, bronchodilators and 6% saline. Excellent chest physio plans.
The Vest
Biaxin every other Day significantly improved my condition
NAC N-Acetyl-cysteine pills
My 3yo son has extensive bronchiectasis