Topamax is way better than Neurontin (gabapentin) at controlling the BURN and all the other symptoms. I don't know what I'd do without my Topamax
Doing the things that made you happy befor ed
tomar algun te para calmar las ancias de comer
My amazing psychologist who is always by my side
writing poetry,journaling and venting
Therapy even when I didn't want to go - even when I was, "recovered."
Having my boyfriend involved with treatment.
pastas de planificar me ayudo con el acné
God. He is central in my life. I know he loves me and has plans to prosper and not harm me. If this is not harming me, what will prospering me look like?
Destruction technics
mi familia siempre m apoyo
The support I get from online communities, like this one
Having a support group.
I want a future which includes marriage and a family.
Comer manzanas diario me ayudo con la gastritis
My little family, especially my best friend husband. My daughter was only eight-years old at diagnosis and her life changed forever, along with all of us. Bury husband really kept his act together and put on so many hats I'm surprised his neck didn't brea
Learning that everyone is different ( art desire is in the eye of the beholder)
cuando me embaraze y estube a punto de ami bb x la ,me cuenta que tenia que dejar ese habito
doing my makeup or straightening my hair
Mandatory video journals.
I want to identify myself with something else than just my eating disorder.
Cambiar malos hábitos lleva tiempo pero es posible