Being well informed and able to communicate with my Drs. I've had to become my own advocate.
being under supervision of endocrinologist
Researching. Knowledge is power.
Open Heart operation 1 - 03/2011
Support of family, especially my wife.
25 years without tumours
Joining the Carney Complex Community(English) group on Facebook
Strong pain relief such as longtec an gabapentin this past 10 months have helped me.
Impromptu open heart surgery led me to this diagnosis
Pituitary Surgery
Never losing hope (I really don't know how I do it)
healthy eating ( organic food and lots of vegetables )
Carney Support Group (English) on Facebook.
Open Heart operation 2 - 06/2014
My cats.
Understanding nurses
Researching - Knowledge is Power.
Listening to music to distract myself from the pains.
My kids. I hope they don’t have this condition
Open heart surgery
Accepting that it is part of me and life still can be good if you are willing to change your perspective on things.
trying to stay positive
Healthy lifestyle
Open Heart operation 3 - 07/2018
Support from Dr. Stratakis and his amazing team at NIH.
Ultimately dying
Support of friends and family, Healthy Lifestyle, Mindfulness and my dogs
Wearing non wired braletts with soft touch cotton all over has helped decrease pains.
Tom. He keeps me together
Staying busy