A GP who suspected coeliac disease & advocated testing.
Eating healthy gluten free food
Cooking from scratch
Cut out junk food as much as possible.
hacer la dieta estricta
Supportive and caring husband
Mi fuerza de voluntad
Dieta totalmente libre de gluten
Find what you like to eat and stick to it! Consistency is key for me!
setting a good example for my children
Drinking keifer & Kombucha
Absolutely no gluten whatsoever. For 9 months I didn't eat any food that I had not prepared myself. I am still ultra careful about eating out.
Strict Gluten Free diet
Following a gluten free diet has given me the energy and ability to live my life again.
My dogs
Taking gluten and potatoes out of my life has helped me lose 120 lbs. That's with no exercise!!
Reduce stress
cutting out gluten re celiac.going dairy free helped my EOLP
Prescription medications
learning to enjoy food again
Using a food diary or app helps tracking what your eating and can identify something that has glutened you more easily.
My mum and her constant support
A good doctor
Cutting out grains.
I felt better on the 10th day of my gf diet.
being very careful about EVERYTHING I eat
i wish all restaurants would have REAL gluten free food :)
Gluten free diet
Strict gluten free diet
El apoyo de toda mi familia.
Running helps me regulate digestion.
Getting rid of gluten has made me feel better
change in diet!!
Dieta sin gluten 100%
I don't keep being sick
Gluten free diet
GF Diet
Patience with myself
Support from other coeliaca
Sticking religiously to the Gluten Free diet
Being placed on gluten free diet at the age of 14/15 years in 1953
Ginger snaps
Been a Coeliac for 8 years
La familia
Have been diagnosed about 8 years ago, and I was on and off on gluten free diet. Now it's almost 3 years that eat without gluten.
a full diagnosis
low GI diet
Having a partner eating gluten free diet