I have a neuromuscular disorder
My Son is much more affected than me
Stay active
I love music varied..
Eating a good well balanced diet
Started regularly exercising and weight training
Gabapentin helps with the nerve pain
faire des étirements et de la gym douce
Acompanhamento médico tem me ajudado nos últimos 18 meses.
Mon entourage est safe et inclusif
riding my recumbent tricycle helps my strength
I can still do things
Eat healthy to control weight gain
Also like a soft breeze on a warm not hot day ...
regular exercise but not too strenuous
I have very supporting family
My partners support
évoquer les difficultés au travail (reconnaissance de travailleur handicapé)
Obtive meu diagnóstico conclusivo aos 30 anos.
Le feminisme et la politique queer m'ont beaucoup apporté
My Faith is my stronghold
Rest as necessary
Nice food ..and a friendly companion
trying to keep my weight down
I have lost weight which has helped the muscle control and balance
adapter son environnement pour éviter les fatigues (limiter les escaliers, faire moins de corvées)
Hoje tenho uma compreensão melhor do meu diagnóstico e com isso, vivo melhor.
Les milieux en marge de notre société tel que des associations d'artistes m'apporte aussi beaucoup