Eat a healthy diet, no more fast food. drink plenty of water to maintain proper hydration.
Received treatment for CCSVI.
CCSVI treatment for stenosed jugular veins at Albany NY Medical Ctr 2011 began the reveal the truth
Venoplasty (Dilation of my stenosed Internal Jugulars)
Ccsvi Liberated 1/12/09
Venoplasty restored my balance overnight--it had been bad for almost 20 years. No more injuries from falls!
Live as stress free as possible
Diet change: I eliminated all grains and dairy (except butter). Dr. Terry Wahls is an inspiration!
Finding out this is what I have after years of living with the label M.S.
CCSVI surgery
Eating well
Eating well
Start and maintain an at home exercise routine. Just keep moving.
Try living as stress free as possible.
Getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby 2012 -2013 - i think the hormones and growing fetus helped
3 yrs of abx
I stopped taking Immuno Suppressors prescribed by neurologists
Quit cigarettes
Venoplasty eliminated my severe heat intolerance--went from lukewarm showers to lounging in hottubs!
Drink at least 2/3 liters of water each day
Balanced diet and decreased sufficiently gluten intake
Exercise to keep the blood flowing, especially side planks for my scoliosis.
Taking 8 days of high dose i.v. abx and feeling symptomatically better near the end - this proved to me that there is something wrong that needs to be treated!
Having met many stars and lots signed also sent to me
Having met many stars and lots signed also sent to me
Take 6000 IUs Vit D daily and when possible natural sunshine.
Became a CCSVI Advocate which has now made me more social and helps (most times) to ignore some of my CCSVI symptoms
CBD to overcome the plateau that 3 years of antibiotics was hitting (still taking the antibiotics)
Diet, Lifestyle changes
I share information and stories with other CCSVI sufferers
Forget about others who said they would be there for you because they're not
Venoplasty reduced severity of drop-foot, allowing me to be much more physically active.
Stay active
Very little stress and adequate sleep
Regular chiropractic and osteopathic adjustments to help with spinal alignment and reduce pain.
The Wahls Protocol
Keeping active
England football team signing their shirt and letter to me
England football team signing their shirt and letter to me