Massage - if I could get a massage every other day it would change my life.
Positive attitude
Pain meds for the horrible bone pain
A good pill for nausea
Being possitive
Dont give up
YHWH (God)
The support of my family and children
Tyrosine Kinase therapy STI 571/imatinib saved my life
Starting Glivec
Sprycel - huge (better) change from Gleevec
Medical Marijuana
I use chia seeds and aloe vera juice in a smoothie nearly everyday to flush toxins and help decrease nausea, keep stomach and intestines healthy.
Hyloric Acid is my friend! Sun and heat are not!
Laughter is the best medicine!
Positive thinking.
My daughter is my main motivation.
Take your medication on time
Tasigna and the medical staff
Cymbalta, lyrica
A doctor who listens and takes an interest in my life and all aspects of it.
Stay positive
One month of iminitab
Prayer. God is walking through this with me.
Sprycel since diagnosis has brought all labs within normal limits and - at times - my PCR to undetectable.
Tener una actitud positiva. Participar de un grupo de apoyo y educarme en el tema
Imatinib 400 mg
La buena actitud
Dios y mi familia que no me desamparan
Good Doctors who care about their patients
CML groups on Facebook was a breath of fresh air! Gave me hope.
Nilotinib 600 mg diarios.
no alchohol for 5 years
interferon alfa me ayudo mucho
TENs unit - my doctor prescribed this for me so I have my own unit at home. It really helps with the pain.
Family love
Switching to a different TKI
A pill for diaharria
Sprycel 100mg
Medicine to counteract effects of imatinib