The support from friends, boyfriend, doctors and family
keeping regular check ups
I can still play sports
I was born with coats it took the vision in my right eye.
Staying calm.dont fight because eye pressure rises and the bad eye feels painful
As a carer I was/am very empathetic & patient.
Talk with others who are affected.
Mother of 3, youngest have Coats syn.
I know I can do whatever I want
I am stable at the moment
monthly injections
Always take a good night.s sleep important for your eye strength
Though not a carer anymore I'm still happy to support those who need direction.
Learn as much as you can about your condition so you can be your own advocate
There is no time for cry or being sad, just fight forward
My knowledge about my eye, myself and Coats Disease
Nothing is impossible
positive attitude
Have a balanced diet exercise lightly dont push yourself,,wear sunglasses,,,
I still keep up to date with relevant info & I'm happy to pass this on.
Take advantage of whatever resources are around you to help make your life easier and more enjoyable.
All family and friends are with us to support