Finding the answer to what she was born with
Habe Familie auf Facebook gefunden mit der gleichen Diagnose.
Jared was diagnosed at age 9
Taking low dose neupogen for Neutropenia
Early intervention
My children with Cohen have improved with ABA Therapy
Finding a support group and even a local family with a child that has the same syndrome
Familie ist das wichtigste
We were able to connect with other families around the world the Parents of a hold with Cohens Syndrome Facebook page
Cora was born in May 2015.
CSA parent support group
Early diagnosis
My Children have neutropenia
Macaylas personality
Gute Ärzte und Therapeuten sind das A und O
It's nice to have people who get you, who you can go to for comfort, ideas and questions. There are so few of us that we are often our own experts.
Attending Cohen Syndrome conference
Excellent team of healthcare professionals
Cohen Syndrome Association and parents helped me a lot