Lose Weight
my wonderful x skillful surgeon saved my life a while ago x will again soon with another op
eat fruits for extra fluid, do not refrodgerate
Exercise: Move around as much as you can. Rest when you absolutely need to. Helps with recovery.
Hydrating through treatment is key.
I've been on minocyclene since the start of chemo for rash breakouts
Having my mom with me, she died 4 yrs. before I got real sick.
the support of my son x my friends
Sense of humor
having a good spokes person, ours was our family doctor
Question: Ask lots of questions of your doctor. Then ask more. Understand what's going on and why.
Walk 20 minutes every day. Speed and distance don't matter.
My little family has gotten me thru this
My children
massage does help lift the pain for a short time when i have it done x can afford to do
Online support groups,
know there is light at the end of the tunnel, just fight to get there
Support: Get help, even if you don't think you need it. Network with others like you. You are NOT alone!
Tell your dr all of your symptoms, no matter how benign.
Stories of hope make my fight even harder