Working in a darkened office
Sports sunglasses with welder so tint
Ajudar ao próximo
Knowing that there are people with the same condition as my son.
Finally knowing my 3 diagnoses...
Songwriting and music
Polarised sunglasses
20/300 vision
My uncles, cousins, son, and now my 3 yr old grandson are all afflicted
I play a lot of guitar
I play a lot of guitar
Gafas de sol oscuras
Quiérete y acéptate con tus condiciones
Getting larger computer screen
Amber tinted glasses
Minha mãe que sempre se mete na minha vida
Explaining to my son that he is not alone in being blind.
Coming to accept that right now there are no known treatments or cures
raising awareness
We didn't raise them as 'disabled', we raised them to appreciate their different challenges.
Tu familia es pieza clave para tu proceso
Using tablet to read books.
Videos of others with disabilites
Having support when I need
Learning to use my red-tipped cane, and focusing on my blessings.
Being inspired and proud to be different
Positive attitud
interested in advancing technology for the blind
All diagnosed or recognized very young as visually impaired, congenital nystagmas' present as infants.