Gluten-free diet
Herkennen klachten en contact met andere patiënten (recognize complaints and contact with other patients)
Knowing im not alone
Losing decent amount of weight improved self esteem.
Eliminate inflammatory foods. Google it. "Top inflammatory foods to avoid" - that's when my pain got so much better.
Regular exercise
Vitamin D supplements
Montmorency cherry juice
using ice pack and taking benadryl
I have a gp/family doctor who believes in the reality of M.E.
Good Physio
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
support from family
Belief and understanding from my mum and disabled sister
Steam treatments and tea
Less stress
Erkenning als ziekte (recognition as a disease)
My family
My husband that supports me and helps me with everything.
ibuprofen, warm showers, tramadol, voltaren gel
Heating pad 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. Avoid lifting anything heavy - always. Stretching exercises help a lot. Find a chiropractor who is familiar with Costochondritis.
Giving up meat, dairy and gluten
Magnesium Supplements
support of my husband
My doctor knows that no pain control med works on every kind of pain
A Nurse Practicioner who researches and understands my condition
collagen powder has helped with joint pain
support from medico's
To be able to eat properly
Ritalin, fluoxetine
Positive thoughts
Adequate sleep
Oprichter Nederlandse Tietze vereniging (founder Dutch Tietze patients association)
Happiness of having grandchildren!
people who try to understand with out compareing my illness to theirs, or attempting to cmpare pain to a normal injury, those people are rare and it helps so much to just have someone listen with out comparing and with out judging.
Visit my FaceBook page "Costochodritis Natural Healing Stories for You". We'd love to have you. For many people, it lasts 4-8 weeks, but for a few it can be chronic.
Rest whenever I need to
using essential oils and biofreeze
Eating as well as I can financially afford- quality over quantity- helps