Injections d'Omalizumab (Xolair). / Omalizumab (Xolair) injections.
Understanding of others for the condition my children have
Removing gluten from my diet - made me more energetic and clear headed
Coming clean to my family about how bad i really feel. Allowing them to support me instead of taking this on alone.
Accepting who I am.
Getting Dopamine in my brain fixed my sleep cycle
L'amour et le soutien de mon conjoint et de mon entourage. / The love and support of my partner and the people close to me.
Home schooling so that I can tailor my children's lessons to their unique needs
Learning how to cook from scratch
Getting a GP who is proactive and genuinely interested in making me better, not just masking my problems or pretending its in my head.
Distraction helps me if not taken extremely.
Getting Atenolol gave me livable blood pressure
Éviter les facteurs déclencheurs de crises connus et respecter mes limites. / Avoiding my known triggers and respecting my limits.
NEVER apologize for your children! Celebrate who they are! Stand up for them no matter what!
Eating organic whenever possible and removing meat from my diet.
Finding relaxing non strenuous activities to occupy my time. I started a custom artwork company and play computer games.
Getting by for my son.
Removing all intestinal irritants made my allergies livable