essential oils
My cat Punk always knows when I need furr-purr therapy.
Bipolar mixed with hearing loss sucks
Implante coclear por el Dr. Lopez Hidalgo
Walking my dog
Hearing Aids
I learned to sign.
Quando não tenho tonturas
Getting a diagnosis explaines so much
Ter um irmão que me ajuda e uma mãe que não desiste me ajuda sempre!
Gardening, reading and other hobbies to lower blood presure
Lung Transplant
Decreases your exposure to EMFs to the maximum: turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all wireless devices in your home much more at night when you sleep // Disminuye tu exposición a los CEM al máximo: apaga el Wi-Fi, Bluetooth y todos los dispositivos inalámbric
Prayer and meditation coloring.
Relocating to a new country is hard.
Lenguaje de señas con ayuda de Dr. Saliva
Seeing the Sea
Sign Language
I joined the Deaf community.
Im in an abusuve verbally & emotionally abusive setting
Speak to people you trust
Ter a esperança ao lado me ajuda nos dias em que não quero ser surda.
My prescription (when I can afford it - not covered by insurance )
Nourish your entire organism inside and out. Inside: Eat real dense food, vegetables and good animal protein, bne broth, good fat and sea salt or pink without fear and filtered and centrifuged water and some organic fermerted food. 0 sugar, 0 fruit, 0 pro
Following the low sodium diet, taking the water pill, vitamins and anti anxiety med daily.
I love my job
Mi familia y amigos han sido un gran apoyo
Compression Socks (properly fitted)
Feeling warm
Deaf Community
I teach non-deaf people how to communicate with deaf people.
Nothing no drs in hmo medicaid
Dont bottle things up
Ler poesias, ouvir letras de musicas no volume baixo e ler centenas de livros me dão novas sensações.
Quiet companionship
Healthy Eating
Outside: Daily sunbathing as much as possible, better on naked body. The sun restores your own CEM with its wonderful frequencies. Ground yourself: Do some walks on parks or in forest. Deep breathing. // Por fuera: Baños de sol diarios, mejor con el cuer