Lumbar punctures, pain medication
My 22month old Son, my boyfriend ( hopefully he'll be my husband soon), & my warrior mother
Finding the right Dr. Who dosn't just chase numbers, switched from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid.
Physical Therapy w/pain management
Finding a support group on Facebook.
Extensive research into supplements and beginning regimen of supplements specific to my body's condition
Family support
Accepting who I am.
I have support from my children
Things Take Time
Permanent Disabled due to Arnold Chiari Malformatioin
Proper rest, I kept pushing myself too much because I was in denial
Balanced Medications
The combination of Lactulose and Xifaxan 550 have made my HE manageable.
My husband helps me stay strong
Changing my diet to low sodium, low protien, and higher potassium.
Sodium cromoglycate
So many meds
Fired my drug-pushing doctors
Mindfulness & Meditation
Combo therapy: monthly dual band cold fusion laser treatment with daily medications
Cutting out Gluten, Dairy, Sugar.
Heating pad w/ pain management
Gathering information from the Internet.
The love and support of family, and of the patient community online
praying has helped me focus on something other than the pain
Distraction helps me if not taken extremely.
I have my grandchildren to spend time with and give me hope for the future
Need help from family
Great doctors who don't "write you off" and never give up trying to figure out what's wrong
Mother of 2
Medication can help, but don't exclude natural remedy like hot/cold therapy and anti-inflamatory diet
Good support system
You can have a normal ammonia level and still have symptoms. It is a disease of symptoms, not numbers.
I am a fighter not a quitter
I am now in pain management to help with the chronic pain.
My dog
Just keep swimming
Researched natural remedies & herbal medicines
CBD & Medical Marijuana
My family
Staying positive, I try to stay as happy as possible ( this doesn't always happen)
Staying positive and active even on the bad days.
Pain Management