When my radiotherapy had finished
My amazing dermatologist.
A positive attitude
Closed Dermatofibrosarcoma Facebook site
Research / educate myself
becoming a mother 10 months after being diagnosed
10 years DFSP free
Took Gleevec (Immatinib) for almost 10 years
I am a rare unicorn
Exercising the leg after my removal of dfsp.
Facebook group for dfsp
Made me realize how precious life is and don't take anything for granted
Being told that the healing process would take longer
DFSP group on FB
Support Groups
I'm ​still alive over 30 years after diagnosis.
Ellen degeneres and her show
See thing 2.
Just be positive and think there always a silver lining
Being part of a could support group
My support system of family and friends.
A sense of humour
God. Prayers of my church family
My doctor
Having friends and a great network of family
DFSP turned into FS-DFSP
Support of fb forum people.
My daughters and friends
My family were very supportive
Being told that the fatigue would be overwhelming after surgery.
Dr. Jerad Gardners contributions on the DFSP group on FB
My mom/ family and friends
The Surgeons who worked on me
Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
Be productive everyday and be healthy
Being supported by family
Knowing I can get through it.
Being your own best advocate
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Leaning on family and friends
being able to tell people my story
I had planned for my son to be an only child, after my diagnosis I decided to have another baby so that he was not left alone. My youngest has been such a joy in our life, along with our oldest.
Having someone understand all that was involved.
Practicing clean eating
Talking about it
My mom for supporting me
Be inspired to be okay for a better future.. God has always a Plan for us so trust in him..