Fé em Deus
Rituxan infusions
My Faith and my husband gives me strength
Low Dose Naltrexone
Plaquenil for 6 months+ still taking
Not one medication is giving me rest in the disease. I'm Metrotrexaat
Aceptar mi enfermedad
Medicamentos aztioprina prednisona
Buscar de Dios.
Implante de células madre
Ivig safe my life
dejar el gluten
Fan in every room
I was in remission for 10 years. But then it came back
Keep trying until you find the combination of therapies that work for you.
Having support from my husband
12000 gaberpentin 3x a day helps with pain
Apoio da família, é muito importante para mim. Pude perceber que não estou sozinha nessa e que à pessoas que me amam, é uma coisa divina.
Knowing my symptoms aren't all in my head.
Diagnostico precoz: equipo multidisciplinar Reumatologia - Dermatología
Having a Diagnosis, and being treated. Rather than not knowing or even being aware of what happening to my body.
El apoyo de mi familia y el de u
tratamientos cortizona
Acreditar no amor de Deus por mim
Saber el diagnostico correcto de la enfermedad de mi hija
Gluten free diet
Me manter ativa através de trabalho voluntário
Attending a Myositis clinic - ask Myositis UK where your nearest is located via facebook page
Vegan diet
The online support group someone is always there to help. It also gives me the ability to share and help.
Gluten/Dairy/Soy free anti-inflammatory diet
Only a pregnacy give me rest
paciencia para tolerar los medicamentos
Mi familia..Las oraciones y la buena vibra de mucha gente
Una alimentación sana.
Distraerme estudiando un posgrado
My Husband and my kids fight with me - every single day ❤️
Small plastic bags in purse to put ice in
My three cats
It came back with a vengeance. Now I am tired all the time with no endurance.
Exercise is key to being able to remain active.