Natural therapies have supported by medical treatment - I have regular reflexology and kinesiology
Walking my dogs every day.
Support & encouragement from friends and family
Physio and exercise to build stamina, flexibility and strength
Family Support
Aviod Stress
Having a POSITIVE attitude
Being on the eculizamab year study. I had 12 attacks before and didn't have any attacks for 5 ys
Lyrica (pregabalin)
Amazing docters
early diagnosed
Pregabalina diaria y ciclos de rituximab
Doing things that keep me happy and letting go of those that don't
My dogs.
Medium intensity massage for shoulder/back pain always helps ease tension.
Rituximab is like a medical drug for me. Relapse free since last three years.
I learned getting overheated and lack of rest are my 2 worst enemies.
Rituximab got me back on my feet
Rest, pace myself then rest. Remembering tomorrow is always a new day.
Stay Positive
Vitamina D associada a medicamentos convencionais a devic tem me ajudado
Er nimmt Azathioprin
Tomo 150mg de azatioprina diarios
Hola !!llevo 6 años diagnosticada con esta Bendita enfermedad y medicada con aziatropina y la verdad que hasta ahora me fue bien!!desde el 2013 no tengo un brote!! El ultimo brote no camine por 1 año a pesar del que el medico dijo que no volvería a camin
Los corticoides me hicieron salir adelante
Reeducação alimentar mudaram a minha vida da água para o vinho...Melhorou intestino, pararam as enxaquecas, diminuíram as dores no corpo todo em 90% e muito mais
Having support is a must
My Fiance saved my life by pushing for tests in the ER when I wasn't being taken seriously.
Apoio da família
Consumo de açafrão, pela manhã
Apoio familiar
A flu shot brought my symptoms up
A flu shot brought my symptoms up
Devic fue mi segundo diagnóstico, el primero fue esclerosis múltiple
Diet - when I eat very well (particularly low sugar) I feel much better
Anxiety and depression medication
physical therapy
Counselling by a psychologist - helped me to understand and focus on my priorities for this new person with NMO
Great doctors