Orencia Infusions, going on 4 years now
Being part of the Diabetes Online Community (DOC)
Enter to the gym is better for my treatment.
Acompanhamento com nutricionista
Swimming competitively for 13 years
My hubby is always there for me....he has saved my life on several occassions
My mother
My insulin pump, without it, I phisically could't live.
Low sacharid diet.
La tranquillità
Following a gluten free diet has given me the energy and ability to live my life again.
Exercise for at least 30 mins 5 days a week.
Being able to start exercising again has helped me a lot.
insulin pump
Use long-term sensor-based blood glucose analysis to find the correct dose of basal insuline, especially for over-night balance.
Moving to New York
My family ♡
La alimentación alcalina.
Diagnostic is the must
Talk about it, be honest.
IVIG treatments
I try to stay happy despite my health problems: true happiness is the state of your mind and inner self and it does not depend on external circumstances/Я стараюсь не терять радости, несмотря на болезнь
My husband who has held me up on bad days and walked by my side on good ones
Do Reiki
only thing I find that has really helped was my meds
Taking things slow has helped me feel better.
Medical Marijuana
Eliminated wheat, dairy, beef, and sugar from diet
My husband, family, and friends
I have not had an "event" yet. I take a low dose baby aspirin daily
mi familia que siempre esta a mi lado
Eating lower carb and healthier foods
eating right and drinking plenty of water
comer muchas verduras
Medtronic pump user for 15 years
I work Diabetes into my life. I will not allow diabetes to take it over.
great supporters
when i got diagnosed, my mom was right heside me to help with everything.
Being friends with other diabetics
Always eat healthy and limit your snack foods.
Faith-- that knowing when I'm not in control, God is
Being diligent on taking my blood glucose regularly (10-16 times a day) for better blood sugar control! A1C 6.3
I don't let my diabetes control me, I control it
drink plenty of water and avoid sodas