stay positive
Getting my own solutions for problems I have due to DS.
Having Radiation Therapy on my hand
My son has Duanes Type 1 Left Eye
My 2yr old has duane syndrome
My daughter had surgery right before she turned 3
Ive got duanes in both eyes.
There is support for people with Duane Syndrome.
Surgery that straightened the right eye so i look at people straight instead of them always looking over their shoulder then asking 'Are you talking to me?'
wearing sunglasses
I wanna see people exactly
Proper diagnosis and treatment
Regard des autres
I have DS type 1 in both eyes.
Still accepting myself
talk to someone who i trust talking helps
Training my neck
Having a supportive partner.
We follow up with Boston Children's
One eye wo t turn out one eye won't turn in
She started wearing glasses around 3.5 yo
You learn and adapt with it.
Learning more about Duane's will help me with my daughter who also has it.
Talking my parents and having my little brother always there for me
I wanna talk with others who have duanna syndrome
Support from friends and family
This syndrome doesnt bother me anywhere!
Losing 70 pounds
Let's treat it naturally
be brave on myself
Don't focus to hard on it. :)
Loving the sunny days and flowers and sunsets.
Looking to connect with other Parents locally.
Rarest form
She goes for scheduled eye exams
Never let it stop you doing the things you want.
Better diet and exercise.
Reading (I cant do it all the time but as often as I can)
plz contact me
Good mindset
I never had surgery or anything.
Never holding grudges
The duane does not define us as people, it is just a small part of us