Radiation therapy
Rest, relax
Fish oil supplements
NA. As in the procedure lol
Having radiation therapy to my hands now.
Integrative Manual Therapy, Bloomfield, CT
Radiation Therapy
Othotics helped with my flat feet which may have helped with Ledderhose.
Radiation therapy
Good surgeon
Xiaflex injection & manipulation straightened my contracted fingers
Avoid recommended medical treatments such as surgery
Radiation Therapy
Joining a Facebook Support Group for Guidance https://www.facebook.com/groups/879351412113444/
Being a member of the Facebook forum DART, to share and learn about treatments of Dupuytren's and Ledderhose Disease
Resting and avoid using hands for long periods of time
Wearing a sling at night
Radiation Therapy
staying busy
Getting a diagnosis
Using a night splint has kept my Dupureytrens from contracting more.
Having Radiation Therapy on my hand
Magnesium reduces the pain and stiffness of frozen shoulder
My family, friends & co-workers who try to understand.
Padded fingerless gloves
Pain medication
Hand Massage
Sole inserts
Finding the right doctor
Padded, fingerless gloves with any strenuous activity involving my hands.
Avoid some recommended medical treatments, eg surgery
I am having radiation treatment, started November 23rd and have completed round 1 so far. Round 2 will be in February, 2017.
Orthopaedic insoles
Low weight and relatively active
Radiation therapy softened the nodules and prevented recontraction
Facebook groups on Dupuytren's Contracture
Yoga for good posture to help with Ledderhose
Anti Inflamatory Diet
Seeking Radiation Therapy for my disease and having a successful outcome
Eating gluten free and lactose free diet
Not drinking alcohol
my grandkids
Having a good physiotherapist