Joining a good support group
Mi hija, afectada de Esofagitis Eosiofílica nunca se rinde así que yo ni me lo planteo
Moving to the countryside
Diet changes
My 14 year old son was diagnosed two years ago.
Elimination diet helped improve my symptoms
I have been on Nucula for 3 months now and seen great improvement.
The main thing that helps is to stay away from foods that trigger an "episode."
Changing my diet
Conocer otras personas con Esofagitis Eosinofílica y Enfermedad Celíaca para compartir experiencias
Some of my family & my friends
Finding a doctor who listens to me
Swallowed steroids
He struggled with weight gain and stomach pain.
The ppi medication was a life changer
I was diagnosed in 2012, but believe I have had is since birth
When I have an "episode", I will take Benadryl, Phenergan and Zofran.
Reading lables/ research
Having a friendly, approachable doc
Informarme y formarme sobre la Enfermedd Celíaca y la Esofagitis Eosiofílica para saber realmente en qué consisten estas enfermedades y poder levar a cabo un perfecto tratamiento dietético
online support group
Eating home grown fruit and vegetables
Eating habits
My son takes budesonide and has been able to gain weight.
I pray every day that my children will not have this rare disease and the other one I have.
Support groups