Soaking in the tub with hot water helps bone pain.
Dabrafenib to treat ECD
My faith in Jesus Christ
Zelboraf has changed my moms life for the better
Support of family and friends who treat me with the irreverence they always have.
5 months of support from ECD alliance
Strong family support system
Physiotheraphy for treatment of stiffness
My loving wife who suffered ECD so patiently and positively throughout the 10+ years she suffered ECD
Why my mom??
Medical team that realise they do not have the answers but are interested enough to constantly seek new ideas.
My family love
massagens e compressas quentes
Updated info
My Sons and a few close friends who were able to share the load of care.
I want a cute -there is none and it's so sad
Even when it's difficult continuing to exercise and living life as normally as possible.
My Dr JULIO HAJDENBERG who's searching for the right medication
praticar nataçao