Six months of Interferon (Roferon-A) has alleviated most symptoms
My faith and hope in the Lord
Hydrea has kept counts down
5yrs of Jakifi
Haven't found anything yet!
Three months on Hydrea have brought my platelet level down from over a thousand to just over 400
I am a Mom of 4 children
30 minutes exercise daily
Have had high platelet count for many years but no medic paid any attention to it. Had surgery and broken bones and never had a problem. My recent doctor noticed it after 2 years with him and sent me to the Hematologist/oncologist and he put me on Hydrea
Staying Positive
Taking my medication before bed
Starting my treatment of Hydroxyurea and aspirin stopped my headaches.
Time with the Family
Eating clean. Reducing sugar intake.
Lots of water
Getting back to my normal routine
Le repos quand il est nécessaire et sans culpabilité
A multi vitamin helps give me a boost
My husband standing by my side through it all
Family supportive
My son is my will to keep fighting this
On aspirin but have decided not to take anything else yet
Healthy eating
I drink much more than I used to do as hydration seems to prevent headaches that I was experiencing when first on medication
I get upset when I can't participate in life due to fatigue
Cutting out sugar and refined foods
Hydrea and baby aspirin caused soft bumps to pop out on my hands and wrists. He took me off the meds.
Exercise and eating healthy
Putting symptoms in perspective
I was very frighten and depressed upon diagnosis; now I am happy I’m aware and on routine care.
My New 3 & 1 on the way, Grandchildren
Working 32 hr work week rather than 40
Trying to not dwell on my diagnosis
Getting past the first 10 days post-diagnosis and realizing I still had a life ahead of me
Éviter de penser que je suis malade
Drinking lots of water!
My huge support system of prayer warriors
B6 helps with foot pain/burning
Rest when I need to
Recovering from blood clots in my brain in 2010, probably from ET
I am eating a very healthy diet now with loads of fresh fruit for the antioxidants. I feel pretty healthy!
I want to be heard by my physicians
Good social suppport
It seems to be affecting my left arm more then my right. It gets tingily and then gets numb upup to my
Keeping active
Walking, meditation, and Yoga
My diagnosis gave me a sense of appreciation for health at a young age.