Being downsized and forced not to work over 40+ hours every week has resulted in reduced pain.
having no stress
Relaxing Yoga, especially from someone who understands my pain
A good attitude
Rest & eating on time & hydration
supportive family and friends
Less stress
Increased water intake
Gamma Knife Radiosurgery (GKR)
Finding support online
Hacer ejercicio me ayuda a mantenter en un estado un poco menos fuerte mi temblor
Dejar el café me ha ayudado en un pequeño porcentaje pero es ayuda
Watching more comedies on TV has increased my joy - laughter helps with pain control.
support and understanding from family and friends
Supportive family
Being vegetarian
A good neurologist
Dogs and my sons horse
correct diagnosis
Meditation and yoga
Taking CoQ10
Medication is gooooooooood
Me informo y busco personas que vivan lo mismo para entederme y saber que no soy el unico y no estoy solo
Mi madre que siempre está a mi lado apoyándome
Being able to help out friends when they need advice makes me feel useful again.
keeping active with hobbies or interests, dont become stagnant.
Understanding GP
Avoid unneccessary stress
ongoing information
Staying away from stress loving it
Correct medication and amazing doctors
Not over doing physical activity
Sleeping without having to set the alarm ^.^
Ya no tomo cafe,era un aficto a el pero me hace daño con esto de mis temblores
Contarlo a las personas que me rodean y hacer proceso de aceptación