Change of diet cured me. I'm off any treatment for more then an year.
I changed my diet which did not improve my Evans but did negate the prednisone side effects
Cellcept has helped stabilize blood counts, but has slowly become less effective. Other meds include daily prednisone, Humira every 2 weeks, IVIG and methly-pred infusions every 3 weeks
Blood transfusions when my haemoglobin count drops too much
Rituxan has helped my condition but it only lasted for about a year .
Vitamina D3
Rituximab relieved me from taking corticosteroids
I had my spleen removed in 2002 and have been in remission ever since
Eating right. I eat a lot of fruits.
Family love and support
Blood transfusion
A splenectomy has been the only thing that has made a lasting difference to my counts since I became refractory to steroids and rituximab. So far it's been a few months of relative relief
My mom is my number 1 support
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My husband’s love
Colloidal silver helped me twice to regain platelet levels, but not definitely proven.
Fundraising for a cure
IVIG has helped my platelet count. Although for me it only takes a few days for my platelets to crash again, IVIG got my platelets up enough for me to have a splenectomy
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A good book during a thunderstorm