Having a large family that supported me through my illness.
My babies! They walked with me through my path
Friendly nurses and doctors
My girlfriend
Preggie pops for nausea
family strong support
Strong family support
My supportive family
Faith and family and friends support
Jim always felt better being around his friends! He was 16 when diagnosed.
My family
Chemotherapy, VDC/I.E treatment shrunk the tumour and also helped erradicate the cancer cells.
My parents support have help me
Claritin D for Neulasta bone pain
Solid Tumour team at Sick Kids was incredible
Prayers from my hometown
14 chemo rounds radiation on pelvis and lungs-clear scans after 8 months!
Support from family members
Always staying positive, even in the darkest moments
Finishing treatment
Otevřenost k blízkým lidem směrem k hledáním odpovědí na tak odlišné závěry diagnóz.
todavia no ha empezado tratamiento
Having 2 wonderful specialists.
My incredible doctors, and nurses
Essential oil peppermint helped me with nausea when I was doing chemo
Doing anything to improve the quality of life
My friends and family
diet less meat, more vegetable and fruit
Eat better
My mum's love
My friends
Great oncology team
We loved his dr from Mayo Clinic, Dr. Arndt.
Stay strong everyday
Surgery, I had a pneumonectomy, where they removed my entire lung, part of two ribs and part of my chest wall to make sure that they had removed the entire tumour.
Leucan services were helpful
Drink lots of water to avoid bladder problems from Ifosfamide
Great support for ck, her siblings from Sick Kids, Camp Ooch, family, friends and school
Love from my family
Compazine/kitrel/Benadryl/Ativan for nausea
Encouragement from teachers at school
Taking the medication as I was prescribed
Good surgical outcome