Having family around me when I had a bone marrow transplant in 2014
Get treatment at an FA center (Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital, Sloan Kettering in NY
Getting on with education
My son had an unrelated bone marrow transplant for FA. He passed away in 2004.
My fiance
Check ups every 3 or 6 months
FAmily and friends
Connect with a FA excellence center
Rely on www.fanconi.org (Fanconi Anemia Research Fund) for information
Keeping good company
my daughter has VW disease and a congenital platelet aggregation disorder
My nieces and nephew
Remember to get grow hormones early in life
A little bit of sport
FA Centers: Cincinnati Childrens([email protected]), Boston Childrens([email protected]), U of Minnesota(John Wagner, [email protected]), Sloan-Kettering(Farid Boulad, [email protected])
Fanconi Anemia Research Fund (FARF)
Register with Fanconi Anemia Research Fund for support, information, and much more.
Expressing emotions
my youngest son has type 1 dm, had sx for a chiari malformation, tethered cord, has mild CP, and mitochondrial disorder
Don't hide at home. Live life and experience the world