Epidiolex (CBD oil) stopped seizures
High does phenobarbital and IVIG broke status in acute phase
Acute phase: IVIG and Ketogenic Diet
Diet ketogenic(my 8yo boy affected)
When nothing left for The doctor team to try to help me, I've got my Life back only by God's grace
son tres medicamentos, Cannabidiol sin THC,
Know other parents with children with FIRES
CBD - Cannabidiol
Être dans un environnement joyeux
High dose Phenobarbital broke status epilepticus
Ketogenic diet for 2 years
Chronic phase: Intractable Epilepsy and failed almost all meds for seizure control
Having a routine
My mum and dad and my sisters always figth with me day by day in my life
Doing therapies every day
Avoir un programme régulier
Ketogenic Diet
Monthly IVIG infusions improved quality of life after acute phase
Still being happy mostly and good motor skills (after everything)
Keep faith that HIS grace always sufficient for me
Introducing CBD to stop seizures
My daughter's improvements