High blood pressure meds
Activity, lots of interests voluntary work.
Upper Cervical Dr - Roy Sweat
support from drs and family
Support from Drs, family and friends
Renal artery bypass in 2009.
Finally having a doctor who cared enough to search for information to help me.
Renal angioplasty
My awesome team of doctors
A hysterectomy helped my pain spikes.
Being mindful of my body. Listening when it tells me I need to rest.
Rest, rest, rest, listen to your body.
Connecting with other patients at: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/discussion-fmd/?pg=1#comment-15668
Learning to cope with new physical limitations
Getting a good nights rest makes all the difference in the world.
My family, friends & co-workers who try to understand.
Losing weight to keep me healthy.
Medication pain relief and being retired.
Functional Nuerologist - Dr Carrick
walking and keeping fit
Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America website, Inspire Support Group
Being on blood pressure meds.
Having FMD groups to share info
My amazing mom who stayed in the hospital room every single night
Pain management has been extremely helpful.
Staying active, even if it's just a 30 minute walk and eating healthy as much as possible.
Join a chat room. You are not alone, and many questions, concerns answered.
Be your own advocate
Sleeping with a neck pillow has help reduce headaches and neck pain
Avoid stressful situations.
Staying involved with my previous hobbies like hiking and cooking.
Self help group Fibro Flare magazine and Mickeltherapy.
A simpler lifestyle- incorporating exercise and down time
positive thinking
Medications and positive thinking
Eating a healthy diet and learning to not allow anything upset me.
All the support I had from family and friends and my boyfriend
Finding a team of doctors willing to learn
Remembering to take my medication consistently.
Talk, advocate for yourself. To lived ones, your doctor's, your employer.
Read through your medical records, it is your data, make sure it is correct!
Finding doctors who understand fmd
Namenda helps reduce the severity of my headaches.
Eating a plant based diet to keep my arteries healthy.