I started out on Diflucan
Being stress free, but is difficult these days
Keep active
Understanding there is no cure for the disease. Your life is not determined by the words of any physician
Pulmonary artery stents
Exercise and yoga
Going to the Mayo Clinic
Adjusting my lifestyle to my physical limitations.
Indomethacin is the only medicine that makes the pleurisy pain go away
Spreading Awareness
Staying active with mild/moderate excercises every day.
Lost weight to breathe easier
2 stents in my SVC relieved symptoms for a while
Histoplasmosis affect on body after 30 years
My family always supports me.
Totally controlling environment (staying away from allergens, perfumes, car exhaust, etc)
Take no or very few pain medications and learn to live life dealing with the pain.
Family and friend support
Eating healthy
Knowing my new limits and being aware of what causes more pain or doscomfort
a cervical epidural
I pay attention to what my body is telling me and can often figure out things before the doctors.
I took a boatload of high dose itraconazole, I think it gave me tinnitus. It might have helped.
Even though my son Cody lost his battle, he never gave up & neither will I.
Homeopathic remedies have helped with a variety of things. Peppermint, oregano & echinacea just to name a few...
Medications like inhalers
Routine visits to get cath done
Doctors that understood histoplasmosis
Getting enough sleep and not overdoing any activity
Live your life to the fullest ever moment, every hour, each and every day.
Vitamins and supplements
My supportive husband and kids
Understanding I can only do so much or I will exhaust myself and stopping before I get to that point is key
I stopped using anticoagulants, the clots in the lung won't kill me, they are "thrombosis" not "embolism" so they won't suddenly block my heart like they would if a clot broke off from a DVT.
The hope that some day someone will find a cure or treatment.
Squared breathing or box breathing exercises calm me down when I get overwhelmed both mentally & emotionally. It instantly reduces stress & anxiety. It also helps me maintain focus.
Support systems including my medical team
Reducing stress levels seems to help
Continuous Follow up annually