Titanium rod in right humorous
Just had my first Zoledronic Acid infusion on the 1st December. Fingers crossed it does its job
My daughter
My daughter
medication has assisted in controlling emotions
Learn and educate about FD
My family and friends support
Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments made me who I am today.
Heat packs on rainy days
This is about ny daughter
Amazing support system
Joining a FD support group
Epson salt baths
My parents who are very supportive
Pain medication/medical cannabis
Wonderful, supportive family!
morphine pump helps some
I feel better during the summer months than I do during the winter.
DeStress. Stress has a significant impact on my head pain
Medications if the pain is unbearable
Positiv denken
Taking vitamin D, vitamin K2, & Calcium tablets.
Finding FD groups on social media.
Pool Therapy
Learn to accept it and keep faith
support from drs and family
Talk with others for encouragement and to know what to expect.
my wonderful fiance, my family and my pets
Your not alone with this disease
APAP/CPAP Therapy for moderately severe Sleep Apnea. ❤
Taking xanax
I have tried many pain meds over the year, but morphine seems to help the most with my pain.
My daughters friends have made a world of difference
Full affected since 5-6 yrs old, very gratfull I am still alive
I use an ice pack to help with pain and swelling
My family, friends & co-workers who try to understand.
I love my cats
El fortaleza para aceptar la condición fue findamental
Learning to deal with pain naturally
Lesion removal in right scapula
When I have the ability to exercise, I feel better
Pain Relief
Pain Relief
writing about thoughts and feelings
Contact experienced doctors
The support of my parents
Medicated menthol oil