Seeing a toxicologist as soon as possible
Supportive family
Gluten free diet
Massage therapy
IV treatments for detox, PK protocol, ozone and UVB
Sense of humor
Massage Therapy has helped tremendously, while still being very painful to get.
Online groups
Sitting on the couch all day. Very little activity
Magnesium: topical and magnesium threonate, malate and taurate.
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Eating clean, nopreservitives, no prone's see foods
Vitamin D and magnesium
Muscle Relaxers (Small doses of Cyclobenzaprine has helped me during the worst times)
Taking probiotics daily .
Rest, listening to my body and not accept dismissive doctors.
glutithione supplements
Taking daily baths with 4 pounds Epsom Salts
Regular exercise has helped with overall mental/physical well-being.
Avoid the Doctors
Colvita Collagen (14 treatments total within 2 years) 1 box = 120 capsule Over 20 days so 6 capsules a day x 20 (at 7 months out was dying and colvita saved my life sustaining wellmover 30 serious permenant adverse damages ... (2016) past year 80% better
Glutathione - Lipospheric, suppository or IV.
2008 levaquin 750mg x 5, 2009 Levaquin 500mg x14, 2012 ciprofloxacin HCL 500mg 20 for 10 days
great help in recovery from Guillain Barre
Magnesium oil to my shoulder and bicep seems to help
Magnesium Glycinate gets rid of my muscle tightness and spasms.
Attitude, Faith and perserverance get me through the tough times
Be in the right balance with rest and activities
Changing my diet to all organic, no gluten/dairy/soy/eggs and eating no processed foods
Having hope and not ruminating
10 days Tavanic 500 (levofloxacin)
Magnesium aspartate, and BPI Best BCAA (this stuff is amazing!)
Stopping use of Levoquin and Cipro
Living in a one-level apartment rather than a 3-story townhome has helped.
Organic Diet of fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, potatoes and small amount of grass fed protein. So a nearly vegan diet. Avoiding GMOs, corn, soy, sugar, dairy and processed foods/chemicals.
Increased water intake
magnesium & calcium
What bothers me the most about this whole Floxing incident is that Cipro was prescribed on Saturday and I took the first dose. On Sunday I picked up the prescription, read the black box warning and waited to take the second dose. On Monday I went in to
Mindbody Medicine ( MBSR training aka yoga and meditation)
Personal relationship with the Lord.
Supplements like Turmeric, Fish oil, and Magnesium