Never give up
I use a mobility scooter outside, it's amazing!
I prioritise making where and how I live safe and comfortable.
Staying active, physically and mentally.
I have the most supportive family.
new shoes
Be Humble
Brother died at age 60.
Hacer ejercicio / exercise
De overtuiging door mijn gezin, dat ik de werkelijkheid onder ogen moet zien en aanvaarden.
Support of family and close friends
Found other people who are helping to find treatments and a cure for FA.
Support and compassion
Vida sana sin tabaco, alimentación saludable. La fé en Dios
Freind being with you
I use cannabis to control my spacticity en for a good night sleep
I exercise often.
Trying to stay and be positive, it's what you CAN do, not what you cannot.
My sister is constantly educating herself about what I have.
Talking to someone
juice plus
Be Honest
my sister died age 71.
Tomar vitaminas / take vitamins
Eigen mentale bewustwording dat er ondanks de ziekte nog een toekomst is.
My mom before she died in March.
Wir haben ein Förderverein in Deutschland!
Resilience within myself
Muchas vitaminas y antioxidantes
Life is good
My husband is the best in the world, very supportive!
I keep myself informed about FA research, so I'll join if I can, so I'll know as progress is made, so I can help others understand the world of FA.
Having a support network.
Understanding when I get frustrated about not being able to do the things I used to.
Sharing stories
my children
Always love yourself
both had FA from their teens
Leer / Read
Het gebruik van hulpmiddelen zijn geen schande, maar zijn er om je eigen levenskwaliteit nog wat inhoud te geven.
Driving with hand controls so I can go where I need to without depending on others
I have some great ideas for an FA-App!
Medicinal marijuana
Seguir andando con ayuda del andador. Constancia. Si me caigo, al recuperarme sigo luchando