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Facebook Support group!
I had cateracts removed
Generic muro drops
Neuropsych testing, ptsd protocol, venlafaxine 150 EX
Fuchs Friends
Dual cornea transplants
Wesring caps and sunglasses
Thought I just had cataract
Saline drops and ointment helped for a while
Muro drops help for awhile
Having cornea transplants in each eye is very painless and gives you your sight back.
Pre-surgery: bandage contact for painful blisters
I had prokera ring.
Cataracts removed
Accepting limitations and finding creative ways to continue moving and seeing
Muro 128 saline solution eye drops
Strong family support
Stay out of bright lights
Learning about the condition through the Fuchs Dystrophy Support Group on Facebook
2 complete corneal transplants, best thing ever
Sounds worse than it is. Do not let the words, 'transplant' or 'donor eye' scare you. Get the surgery when your doctor tells you, 'It's time.'
2010 DSAEK partial corneal transplant total success!
I bonded with others
Finding a great GP who listens and thinks outside the box
DMEK corneal transplant surgery. One eye in April, Second scheduled for June.
Live close to Duke Eye center
Eye drops
Having DMEK * IOL in June 2018 (if it’s successfuk, anyway!)
Dr Mohammad Karbasi
I was amazed how pain free this procedure was. Replace the word 'anxiety' with 'excitement' when you think about your Fuch's problem. Seriously, there is less pain than having your teeth cleaned...and less time, too!