My daughter and husband
Vitamin D, calcium, and Forteo injections over last 3 years has given me more strength
My mother's example with coping: supper always, Toffees and chocolates in reserve
Learning about your own condition and encouraging lesser experienced medical professionals to do the same.
Change of diet
salt pipe
Taking magnesium tablets helps me so much, it decreases my fatigue levels
My family also have mental illnesses
Remicade infusions over last 3 years has controlled inflammation very well
Medical books, journals and papers, as few medications as possible
Communicating with others with CMT through the UK charity .
Tramadol pain medication
slowing down
My furbaby, Nellie. She keeps me company on my bed on my bad days
Good friends and family support is number one
My children
Changing diet currently and exercising more as bone strength improves
Internet sites and friends
Pacing yourself!
Understanding family
spit not swallow
Homemade soup. For those days when chewing is out of the question
Loosing weight helps immensely
TN warriors