Acthar injections made a life altering difference.
Peppermint tea
no pasta
Ketamine infusions give me some relief!
Medical Marijauna
Losing decent amount of weight improved self esteem.
Midodrine. puts a floor under my BP, which also reduces overreaction to very high bp.
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Eating small amounts and avoiding fiber.
Change in diet: Avoided coffee/strong tea/soda, less pork and beef, more fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables
Adult coloring books to refocus pain.
My husband of 31 years and granddaughter.
Rayos-- delayed release prednisone. Wake up fully covered.
My Wife studied and found a natural highly absorbable vitamins and nutrition that I can use in my tubes.
Finding the right Dr. Who dosn't just chase numbers, switched from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid.
Home health care , IV hydration, Vitamin Bags
pastas de planificar me ayudo con el acné
Supportive husband & mother who really get it and are always there to help.
Proton pump inhibitors
eat more greens!!!
Nerve block with ketamine and Botox help!
Nice Doctors
Rowdy my Dog
My husband that supports me and helps me with everything.
At least 6 grams per day of sodium helps a lot, and since I hang onto water better, I can reduce my liquid intake to around 6 liters.
Essen enzymreicher Nahrung, bei bestehender Metallintoxikation kombinieren mit Bindemitteln
Taking Florajen3 Probiotic daily
Herbal supplements instead of PPIs and antacids
My fiance holding me.
My awesome doctors that work together.
Accepting my new normal doesn't feel like my old normal
My Wife, Kids and beautiful 8 Grandchildren
Cutting out Gluten, Dairy, Sugar.
Comer manzanas diario me ayudo con la gastritis
REST when you need it ... you REALLY need it.
No coffee or alcohol :(
get rest meditate
Trying low fodmap diet
My family supporting me.
My Wife
Happiness of having grandchildren!