Chiari decompression surgery
Gastric pacemaker
Sticking to a low fiber, low fat, liguid diet helps me a lot.
Faith - maintaining a healthy spiritual life has given me something to live for and hope in my darkest times.
Great doctor
Meeting others who understand
NutriBullet Rx
getting a diagnosis
Mitochondrial disease cocktail & other supplements.
Fighting spirit
Heating pad
Essential7 oils
Taking ownership and responsibility for the outcome of my life.
Changing to an organic, gluten free diet
Heating pad
Domperidone & Iberogast
I.V. fluids and meds
Diet changes
Heating pad
Picc line/home hydration
Zofran (and other 5HT3-receptor antagonists)
Taking things slow has helped me feel better.
Mostly liquid, pureed or minced foods. Especially bone broth.
Having a baby that needs me allows me to keep fighting for my health.
avoiding most solid food and making vitamix smoothies
Getting GJ feeding tube a year and a half ago
G-Pact Support Group on Facebook
Eating a balanced diet
Having true friends around to listen
symptom control
Bentyl 3 times a day
My Gastrlogist
Keeping a very detailed journal let me find what I can and can't eat and drink. it takes time but can make a difference!
Dexalant and sleep
Mosapride Citrate (Gasmotin from Japan) helps with the nausea and vomiting. It was not available in the U.S. so I got an online company to carry it for me. Never give up trying even if you have to look for worldwide solutions.
finding the right balance of medications
Eating small amounts and avoiding fiber.
Juicing green veggies with fruit
Not eating
Pacemaker 2014
Finding a medical team that is very supportive
Medical Marijuana
Mosapride helps me go from a clear liquid diet to a soft semi liquid diet
G tube for decompressing my abdomen
Botox is the only effective thing that works for me at this time